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located very close to Shenzhen International Airport in China. Our company was established in 2009. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling consumer electronics, including power banks, QI charging receivers and BT headsets, etc. Our factory covers 1800 meter square, the total number of employees is more than 100.

The current production capacity is around 300k pieces per month. Our delivery performance keeps improving also, in year 2015, our on-time delivery rate is 98%, which makes our customer totally satisfied.
Snapper’s management approach aspires us to be a market leader in our field. Our quest for improving is never ending. Our culture is represented by the way we act and work together as a team and our values can be summarized in the following principles: Integrity, Client Commitment, Honesty, Highest Standards, Customer Service.

Our Brand---Powerseed

Powerseed is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of external batteries, and accessories for storage and distribution. Our products will keep you connected anytime and enjoy their devices. All the energy you need to communicate, work or simply have fun. Powerseed creates art products. We serve three high-growth markets in mobile, computing and consumer electronics. Each of them requires increasing autonomy in their batteries and additional accessories to offer significant benefits to consumers and businesses.

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